Mithun Munda, son of Late Surendra Munda and Raibari Munda, aged 11 is a resident of Padmapur village. His father breathed his last five years ago. He lives with his mother and a sister. His mother is working as a daily wage earner to make their both ends meet. The family lives under financial distress because of abject poverty. Hence, like many other tribal youngsters, Mithun was compelled to work as a cow boy and looked after the live stocks to add something to her mother’s income. Initially, he was going to school but discontinued his studies due to his compulsion to earn something.

When PECUC opened Sradha bhawan in the Padmapur village, volunteers and other project staffs approached Mithun’s mother to send him to Sradha bhawan. They were able to convince her, who was initially reluctant, keeping her financial distress in view. However, her mother agreed to let her son complete his education anticipating a good period ahead. Shradha Bhawan helped Mithun to restart his education and after the completion of his primary education, he joined school also. Now Mithun is pursuing his studies in class 6th in the local school and performing excellent in his studies. The project officials of PECUC and Sradhha bhawan volunteers are happy to save a child from ignorance, illiteracy and above all, the unhealthy child labour. Now, Mithun looks forward for a better future leaving behind his gloomy past as a child labour.