Bhubaneswar 24/11: There should be effort at all level to end child sexual abuse
and exploitation said by the Mandakini Kar, Chairperson, OSCPCR, Odisha joining
the Inaugural session of National children consultation on Ending Child Sexual
Abuse and Exploitation organized at Bhubaneswar. She further stated that the
children should raise their voice against all types of violence and the parents also
should listen to them. A two days National Consultation of Children for Ending
Child Sexual Abuse and exploitation was inaugurated at CYSD, Bhubaneswar on
24 th  Nov. 2022. This consultation was organized by National Action Coordination
Group for Ending Violence against Children (NACG EVAC) India, & it’s National
Secretariat People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC, in collaboration with BMZ,Germany,
World Vision Germany, World Vision India, in association with ABHAS, ADF,
SAHARA, SHELTER, SIPD AND VHAI. 65 Children from 12 different states like Bihar,
West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand,
Gujurat, Maharastra, Odisha, Delhi.UP,Haryana participating in this consultation.  
Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Chairperson NACG EVAC India chaired the inaugural
Session and gave a brief introduction about the work NACG EVAC India & present
situation children are facing. He further said we have to work together to bring
changes in the society. Among other Ms. Aditi Kaur, Child Participation Thematic
Head NACG EVAC India, Mr. Mikhael Pradhan, Head Advocacy, WV India, Prakash
Rath, Convenor, NACG EVAC, Odisha Chapter spoke on this occasion. Ms.
Anuradha Mohanty, Executive Director ,PECUC gave the Vote of Thanks.