“I had never imagined that anyone from my community could ever perform such a terrible crime” says Tara (member of Child Protection Unit of World Vision India).

Kajal and her cousin Priya reside alongside their parents in Faridabad, Haryana. Their parents are daily wage labourers who used to leave for work daily leaving both the girls alone in the house. An old man who lived above their house often lured the children into his house by offering sweets and money. Treats were rare for Kajal and Priya in their family owing to penury. The man made use of the absence of the parents and the children’s vulnerability and sexually abused them. The children were shocked and too petrified to speak up. They kept it to themselves for a week.

Kajal and Priya happened to participate in World Vision India’s programmes for children’s groups that raised awareness on Safe and Unsafe Touch, POCSO Act and Child Rights in the community. One fine day, the girls mustered the courage to speak up at one of the children’s group meetings. The children’s group members did not waste any time and informed Tara from the Child Protection Unit (CPU). The children’s group and CPU work side by side to ensure the safety of children and women in the community.

An FIR (First Information Report) was lodged against the man. Soon he was arrested. The children’s group and the CPU members’ prompt action saved Kajal and Priya from further abuse and torments.

World Vision India has set up around 20 children’s groups in Kajal’s community in Faridabad, Haryana.