NACG EVAC India is governed by its own written Charter approved by its National Board.

National Board (click to see details)

National Board is the highest policy-making body which meets annually to frame the overall policies.

Composition of the General Body/National Board: The General Body/ National Board shall consist of:
(i) Three duly elected representative by the State Chapter of NACG EVACINDIA-EVAC India including the Convener of the State Chapter.
(ii) If the elected members are not available to attend the Annual General Body Meeting, the Executive Committee of State Chapter of NACG EVAC India can send substitutes for the elected State representative till the next AGBM.
(iii) The outgoing National Chairperson & the former National Chairperson/s.
(iv) The National Board Members representing regional platforms during the approval of the charter shall continue as the National Board Members till the next elections.

Functions of National Board/General Body:

(i) There shall be an Annual General Body Meeting/Annual Meeting of National Board of NACG EVAC India convened with a 30 clear days’ written notice. The notice shall contain the date, time and place of the meeting and shall be accompanied by the proposed agenda.
(ii)The Annual General Body/National Board Meeting shall be held annually and not more than 15 months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Body /national Board Meeting.
(iii) NACGEVACINDIA at its Annual General Body i.e. National Board Meeting
i. Receive & approve Annual Report
ii. Receive & approve Statements of accounts
iii. Consider t h e budget for the ensuing year as presented by the National Executive Committee and approve the same with or without modification.
iv. Determine the date, time, and place of next Annual General Body /National Board Meeting.
v. Elect the National Executive Committee Members and Office Bearers in every three year.
vi. Carry out any other business that may be brought before it within the scope of the Aims and objectives of NACG EVAC INDIA with the permission of the Chairperson.


National Executive Committee (click to see details)

Composition of National Executive Committee:  National Board elects an 11 member Executive Committee which has been authorised by the National Board to aid and advise the workforce functioning under the leadership of the Chairperson. The National Executive Committee is the final authority in between two National Board meetings. The Executive Committee consists of Chairperson [1], Vice-Chairperson [ 2], Treasurer [1]  & Thematic Heads [7]. The Executive Committee meets four times in a year and plan quarterly activities of NACG EVAC India. 

Functions of National Executive Committee:

I. The affairs of the NACG EVAC India shall be directed, administered and managed by the National Executive Committee subject to the overall control of the National Board.
II. The National Executive Committee shall comprise of not more than 11 members selected at the Annual General Body/National Board Meeting called for that purpose including its Office Bearers i.e. Chairperson (1), Vice Chairperson (2), Treasurer (1)Thematic Heads [7] excluding ex-officio members and nominated members.
III. The outgoing Chairperson & former Chairpersons shall be ex-officio Members.
IV. A National Coordinator may be appointed by National Executive Committee to look into the day to affairs of NACG EVAC India and, being an employee, shall be Ex-officio member of the National Executive Committee without voting rights.
V. The elected National Executive committee may nominate two experts on child rights from amongst the Members of NACG EVAC India and the nominated Members shall have no voting Rights.
Meeting of the National Executive Committee: The National Executive Committee shall meet at least twice in a year and/ or as often as may be necessary.